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TS Tech relies on EDI communication in two directions: one is the upstream process with suppliers and the other is directly with the manufacturer VW. In its communication with suppliers, TS Tech had previously relied exclusively on VDA standards (the standards of the German Automotive Industry Association). Among others, TS Tech uses the message type VDA4905 (which is similar to the EDIFACT message DELFOR) to send orders for the next 3 to 6 months to its suppliers, allowing for timely manufacturing. To communicate with the car maker, on the other hand, TS Tech relies on EDIFACT messages. “The conversion of VDA 4905 (delivery instruction) and DELFOR and DELJIT (just-in-time message) to EDIFACT messages is expertly done by our EDI service provider EDITEL. We have successfully been working with them for four years,” said Laszlo Gordos, logistics manager at TS Tech Hungary.

During the annual evaluation performed by TS Tech following the internationally recognized standard IATF 16949, EDITEL achieved one of the best results for its services provided in 2017. The criteria under evaluation included, among others, communication, problem-solving skills, price and flexibility. EDITEL scored 96%. Mr. Gorgos is very pleased with this result: “For complex production processes at an automotive facility, a reliable EDI partner is a prerequisite for successful delivery processes. The result of this evaluation once again highlights the fact that EDITEL meets and exceeds these expectations.” Gabor Hernadi, an EDI expert at EDITEL Hungary, strives to build on these results: “We do everything in our power to maintain the service quality for TS Tech and to show what we can do with every new project, for example, when connecting new suppliers,” he said.

Assembly line at TS Tech Hungary

The company

TS Tech is a Japanese company that specializes in the production of car seats and other automobile interior components such as door trims, head rests and roof trims. TS Tech employs 16,000 worldwide and has sales of over 4 billion euro. In CEE, TS Tech operates a production facility in Hungary which is currently a supplier of VW.

EDI-Services for TS-tech

  • During an evaluation by TS Tech according to IATF 16949, EDITEL HU received the highest score in almost all categories (overall result = 96%)
  • Supplier communication via VDA standard (DELFOR)
  • Manufacturer communication via EDIFACT (DELFOR; DELJIT)
  • Scheduled projects: connecting additional suppliers and introducing EDIFACT DESADV messages with suppliers
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