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Automated manufacturing at Futaba

For a long time, Futaba Czech, s.r.o. used a solution, which was provided and managed by the Japan headquarters. This created complications regarding EDI translation templates with direct write/read access to the database, especially when connecting new partners. The manufacturer primarily uses direct communication channels procured by the parent company in Japan with its respective partners, which also occasionally resulted in unreliable processes.

ThE solution

The company opted for a broader use of EDITEL services, both for connecting new business partners, including the development of new EDI translation templates, and for implementing EDI Communication. Given the previous absence of any universal communication channel, it also decided to use the integration platformeXite by EDITEL, in particular for EDI Communication with TPCA.

Futaba production plant

The company

Futaba Czech, s.r.o. is currently the only subsidiary of the Japanese Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd. in continental Europe. It was established in 1945, and today has subsidiaries in China, United States and Great Britain, among others, and employs approximately 900 people. The Czech-based subsidiary in Havlíčkův Brod was established in 2004.

The customers of this producer of automotive parts for body and car suspensions include leading companies such as TPCA (Czech Republic), TMMF (France), and MSC (Hungary). The subsidiary aims for zero factory rejects, 100% reliability of supply while keeping a zero accident rate. These objectives have helped Futaba become a strong company with a safe working environment and a clear perspective for the future. Futaba’s corporate motto is: “Quality products at lower costs“.

benefits FOR Futaba

  • Flexible support in local language
  • Integrated EDI-Communication
  • Easy partner onboarding

EDI Services for Futaba

  • EDI Communication
  • EDI Integration
  • Implemented processes
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